Monday, 3 February 2014

Coyote: The OutlanderCoyote: The Outlander by Chantal Noordeloos
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It has been ages since I read a wild-west story, and probably as long since the last sci-fi tale where aliens were not human-eating, apocalypse-bringing fiends. When I learnt that Coyote: The Outlander was a combination of the two, I wasn't sure what to expect.
Suddenly, I was immersed in a world of gunslingers and traditional Wild West ruled by men; or so it seemed.

While the Old West reluctantly acknowledges the arrival of technical revolution and the new era, little it knows of Outlanders seeping in through rips. There are only few who do know; among them Coyote, the bounty-hunter hired by Pinkerton agency.
Coyote could be a typical, whisky-drinking and cigar-smoking gunslinger; only she is not. She is a woman, and the best shot around. She is also a very modern lady, with admiration for new technology.
Young bounty-hunter travels with her companion in search of the criminal she is hired to kill, but there is also another journey she must undertake.

Coyote: The Outlander is an adventure full of colourful characters, entertaining twists and well-built world of imagination. Chantal Noordeloos involves the reader in her story with a playful easiness; you can even visit the village online and enter the vault to find little extras. It is fun.

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