Wednesday, 31 July 2013

A Bloody Tribute

I just have to share this poem. It was written as a tribute to me and posted on where I'm known under the name Blood Countess.
DarkPoetry was the first place where I published some of my poems. I met some great people there who inspired me and some of them have become friends. There I also found my first followers. :)
And I am truly honoured to inspire the work like this. Thank you, Markus!

A Bloody Tribute
By Markus Darkscribe

When the Countess of Blood does not appear
The moonlight beckons inside my ear
It tells of the missing and dimming inside
Of the light and the darkness that you provide

Demons of murder, ghosts in the well
Darken scribes, and nymphs from Hell
All manner of souless, heartless things
And Satan lie weeping neath his wings

The dead rise in tribute, the majick returns
Inspiration once faint, once again burns
Happiness bleeds o'er the blackness once more
So, I hope you will remain in the depravity we adore 

Gothic Poems and Fiction

The long (and longingly) awaited anthology Gothic Poems and Fiction by Static Movement, which will include some of my poetry, went to print!  

Watch out for more information and links.

Counting days now.. :)

Friday, 26 July 2013

It's finally out!

I am very pleased to announce that the long awaited first instalment of COYOTE story is out!

Chantal Noordeloos is a wonderful story teller with a vivid imagery which will keep you both, enthralled and entertained. If you like a western story with a twist, click the link below or check it out on Amazon yourself. Have fun!

The Outlander - COYOTE Book 1

REVIEW: Pleasant goosebumps for the hot summer

The Visions of Sandy BrownThe Visions of Sandy Brown by Donald White
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An intense dark tale of hatred and friendship.
Sandy Brown is a typical teenage girl. She likes doing 'girly' things with her friends and hopes that a boy she likes will ask her to a school dance. Then she meets Holder...
The Visions of Sandy Brown is a seemingly light-hearted high school story on the surface; however underneath you discover a dark, twisted entity playing evil chess with human minds with the only one purpose: to take his revenge on those not worthy.
Donald White is a great narrator. The story flows smoothly, Sandy and those around her are likable characters and you can easily empathize with them. Holder, on the other side, is a hateful, revenge-seeking being, emanating the danger with every word.
I particularly appreciated the attention given to Sandy's relationship with her parents; though not always understanding each other, the love between them was truly tangible and perceivable. So was its link to Sandy's confidence and mental strength when it mattered.
In conclusion, if you want an intense dark tale to read during your summer (or any) break, pick this one!

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Saturday, 20 July 2013


I will wake up one morning
And know I hate it,
When has my life
Got so complicated?

Wherever I look
There's nowhere to turn
I'm on Satan's hook
In Hell I will burn.

My soul crackles in a flame,
It takes a while to feel the pain,
With a hint of sadness deep inside
My remorse and madness coincide.

A demon vulture to me flies
Breathing the despair of my cries
When all of my soul he absorbs
I will be just a peaceful corpse.