Wednesday, 12 December 2012

First Bite

First bite is always shaky,
That silent sound
When skin is breaking,
Slow, thick metallic taste
Savour the moment,
Not a drop do waste,
To finish too soon would just be rude
Make them feel special,
Set the mood,
Tis' their one moment
- when you let them out of your embrace,
All that is left is a lifeless empty case...

I'll be what you want...

I will be your Demon
Or your Angel
Whatever you choose.

I'll make you stronger
And enigmatic
Though something
You will loose.

I will free your mind
And your body
But high is the cost

I will steal your heart
And rob your soul
to me forever you've lost!

Monday, 19 November 2012

Smell of Hell

Samuel was
A lonely soul
Girls complained
He smelt of coal

His devilish good looks
Of which you could write books
Maidens in their track would stop
What they were doing
They would drop

But as he moved close
They would hold their nose
'Oh what is that smell
It surely stinks like Hell
You really reek quite badly
Wash, I'll see you gladly.'

Sam could have scrubbed
All night and day
He would not wash
The odour away
Various scents
He could have sprayed
But a stench of the burning
Just would not fade

He would despair
Over the coffee
‘Why can’t I have
An aroma of toffee?
Girls like their men sweet
Though some have whiffy feet
But my sulphuric waft
By no means is soft’

A century passed
Before Sam’s fate
Did change at last
When he met Kate
There was a flash
And maybe a thunder
Sam’s heart would crash
In a magic wonder

Kate was his perfect match
Sam knew it with one touch
Her tiara of roses and thorns
Graciously disguised her horns
Her skirt long and wide
Hooves did neatly hide
Though her frame looked frail
Sam spotted her tail

It was love at first sight
To both of their delight
They set up their home
Together in Hell
Their life has improved
Despite their smell

A whiffy problem is easily solved
If with another devil one gets involved

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Bram Stoker

If Mr Bram Stoker was a Vampire, he would be celebrating his 165th Birthday today.

To honour this ocassion, here is a trailer of the movie based on his book Dracula. And another great gentleman, and my personal favourite Dracula: Mr Bela Lugosi

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Meet Sphinx, my 6-month old kitten.  

He is very playful, 

but also a hunter

And never ending source of the entertainment. 

He has a thing for paper bags

and boxes...            

but his most intriguing obsession for us must be his love for 

sitting in bath

and sink! :)

Movember time!

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Saturday, 27 October 2012

New Boots

Got today my first platforms. :)

They look really cool with black skinny jeans and my new 'Seduction' top from Spiral Direct :)

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Just for fun

In a midnight kitchen
A faint shuffle of feet
A little creature creeps
For something to eat

When Hunger wakes you
In the middle of night
You need some tasty treat
No point to fight

A noise little muffled
A silent pop
A hot crispy waffle
On a plate does drop

Chocolate and lime
With a sprinkle of thyme,
Cinammon and pear
One classic she can bear
Coconut and chilli jam
And six-or-seven drops of rum

Finally last but not the least
Here is coming the pineapple beast
With a very subtle hint
Of green leaves of peppermint

The Creature is looking very pleased
Finishing her midnight feast
Her tummy was nicely fed
Now it's time to go to bed.

Mr Poet

If you like a dark poetry and stories, if you like the stuff which makes you use those little grey cells and ask yourself  'What did the Poet mean?' check this website.
Meet Mr. Poet

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Witches and Wizzards! Dress up time! :)



The largest Witchcraft festival in the World
(within the recorded history) celebrates its

10th Anniversary.

17th November 2012
Fairfield Halls, Croydon, UK

See you there?

Hans Christian Andersen

Ever since I remember, I have loved fairy-tales by H.C.Andersen. They were dark, melancholic, and always finished with a sad happy ending.
This is my tribute to one of them.

A little girl with matches

Eve before Christmas
On the church stairs
A little girl crouching
For whom no one cares

Her clothes are torn
Hands and feet bare
If anyone does notice
It's with a disapproving stare

A marble-like skin
From cold her lips blue
Listen to her pleading
To her little soft coo:
'Matches, please buy matches,
One box, or two..'

On a little orphan
No one takes pity
Christmas are more fun
In a big city

Everyone's busy
With lives of their own
Rushing from cold inside
To a warm fire in their home

When the night covers streets
With her cape of dark
First match comes alive
With a little spark

Matches alight one by one
Brief moments of warmth don't last
The little girl sees her dad and mum
So fondly images of past

A tiny flame dances on the final one
Little girl embraced by her old nan
To a big warm house she is led
Own room, the softest bed

When on Christmas morning
People came to church to pray
A little heap on the stairs
Stopped them on their way

Some men would gasp
Some women would weep
A little frozen girl forever asleep..